I was injured in a drunk driving accident. What should I do? 


  1. Safety First
  • Quickly assess the scene.
  • Make sure you and other passengers are safe.
  • Move to a safe place away from traffic and damaged vehicles.


  1. Call The Police
  • It is important to have the police gather crucial evidence to prove intoxication.


  1. Seek Medical Help
  • Serious injuries may not be obvious immediately.
  • Evidence of your injuries can help your case. The shock from the accident can delay the physical impact.
  • You may suffer from whiplash, bruising, internal bleeding, or brain injuries.


  1. Document Everything
  • Gather the other driver’s contact info.
  • Vehicle information.
  • The location.
  • The responding police.
  • The driver’s condition.
  • Where the driver had been and where they were going.
  • Photograph the accident.


  1. Talk To An Attorney
  • An attorney can provide advice and peace of mind to a complex situation.
  • Hiring an attorney can protect against unscrupulous insurance adjusters.


  1. Report To Insurance
  • There are opportunities to negotiate with insurance companies to receive better compensation.