Should I give a recorded statement to my insurance company?

The insurance company has a duty to investigate claims and identify any support for them. This duty includes speaking to everyone involved, as well as witnesses. Insurance companies record telephone statements because they deal with cases every day in various stages of litigation, and they are aware that memories fade and opinions change over time.

Insurance companies may also use recorded statements to trap those involved in accidents. If the recorded statement is taken too early, the injured person or family member may not have a full grasp of the injuries, including whether they are permanent or will require future medical and surgical intervention. As we’ve seen over the years, adjusters are usually clear-headed and prepared for each call. They have access to the police report, witness statements, etc. In contrast, the injured person is usually less prepared, not medically trained to understand their injuries, and likely fatigued and confused by the use of strong prescription medication to combat pain and discomfort caused by the accident.