1. Safety First

  • Quickly assess the scene.
  • Make sure you and other passengers are safe.
  • Move to a safe place away from traffic and damaged vehicles.

2. Call The Police

  • It is important to have the police gather crucial evidence to prove intoxication.
  • You cannot always count on an intoxicated person to remember or honestly recount the event.

3. Seek Medical Help

  • Serious injuries may not be immediately obvious.
  • Evidence of your injuries can help your case. The shock from the accident can delay the physical impact.
  • You may suffer from whiplash, bruising, internal bleeding, or brain injuries.

4. Document Everything

  • The other driver’s contact info.
  • Vehicle information.
  • The location.
  • The responding police.
  • The driver’s condition.
  • Where the driver had been and where they were going.
  • Photograph the accident.

5. Talk To An Attorney

  • In legal matters, there are few opportunities for a “do-over”.
  • An attorney can provide advice and peace of mind to a complex situation.
  • Hiring a lawyer can protect against unscrupulous insurance adjusters.

6. Report To Insurance

  • Insurance can be a positive factor.
  • There are opportunities to negotiate with insurance companies to receive better compensation.


The intake phase consists of our team gathering highly-detailed information from you and those close to you regarding your or your loved one’s accident caused by an impaired driver. Our goal is to deep-dive into how this accident has affected every inch of your life, subsequently turning it upside down. Use this intake as a marker that you are not alone, that someone believes your story, and that you can receive the justice you deserve a superb attorney by AVVO.com.


After the intake phase is complete, we will start our thorough investigation. With our combined years on the police force, we know how important physical evidence is to any case. Due to this, we work quickly to acquire any physical evidence from your accident to prevent it from being destroyed or degrading over time due to improper handling. Our background also allows us to quickly determine the level of expertise required for your case, such as accident reconstruction experts. This is also where we begin to determine the culpability of others involved, such as bars serving to an obviously impaired person. During this phase, you can rest easy knowing that our highly trained litigators are taking care of you and your case.


During this stage, we’re out for accountability. Having handled hundreds of impairment cases through every possible stage of litigation, we’re prepared to go to battle for you or your loved one, and we’re prepared to win. During this phase, your story will be heard. This is the pivotal moment where we fight for you, and we fight for accountability from all involved in leading to this avoidable accident.